Co-operation. Strategic locations.

Since its conception, every single detail about IBV is purposely defined to make it a unique service provider. Some examples are given below, following IBV`s purpose, mission and values:

  • IBV is an international organization because experiencing international markets is the only possible way of really understanding the challenges of internationalization initiatives. Conceived in Europe, it has presence in Almaty (Kazakhstan), Beijing (China), Lisbon (Portugal), São Paulo (Brazil) and Vancouver (Canada), being the expansion to new markets one of its most important strategic plans.

  • IBV understands business internationalization as a complex initiative involving issues different in nature that are not always considered all together by one single service provider. IBV`s multi-disciplinary team is designed to regard any and all aspects of internationalization, enabling the creation of complete solutions intended to support adequately its clients` decision-making process.

  • Internationalization initiatives require tailor-made solutions. IBV team must be innovative enough to produce alternatives adequate for each case submitted to its evaluation. Because old-fashioned team building and management concepts usually constrain creativity, IBV praises cooperation (as opposed to hierarchical submission). This way, all competences IBV has are encouraged to positively contribute to the deliverable, being the clients’ needs - not IBV internal organization - the main driver of its solution.



Be the most innovative and globalized business consulting provider.



 Revolutionize the way in which business strategy and legal services are made available to the market by delivering multi-disciplinary solutions that :

  • Enhance the sustainable growth of our clients;

  • Contribute to the social and economic development of the countries and the regions in which both IBV and its clients act;

  • Are example of ethical standard and accomplishment with moral and legal rules; and

  • Promote the personal development and the professional satisfaction of our people.



  • Essence: Our organization and our day-to-day activities shall always be guided by the essence of both our purpose and our mission;

  • Innovation: We are all encouraged to make the new supersede the old-fashioned;

  • Life: Our organization is an alive organism, not a machine;

  • Co-operation: We shall create the best conditions as possible to reach self-management, self-organization and self-control. Power (and accountability) is distributed among all levels within the organization. Leadership is more related to self-leadership than commanding and controlling others;

  • Diversity: We all need to be reliable and effective professionals. Diversity is honoured and valued. People natural behaviour shall be honoured and valued; and

  • Motivation: Motivation shall always be linked to the meaning of our performance.



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